Special Needs

We understand that some of our students have special needs or abilities in the water. IBPS has over 20 years of knowledge teaching these students with a wide range of special needs. This time and experience combined with our 92° comfortable water is the perfect learning environment for your child.

In one-on-one coaching we consult
with the parents and others around the student to find the best route to achieve their goals. The parent controls the outcome of our lessons by choosing the order of these goals.

1) Water safety and understanding
2) Swim stroke development
3) Muscle development

The earlier the better. With swim we feel your child's lesson deserves the best quality.

Swimming can be a fantastic activity for kids with special needs for several

Safety - Children with special needs can potentially be overconfident around
water and swimming lessons can
provide vital skills to help with survival.

Pleasure - Swimming is a great leveler
and can help children with special needs have fun in a non-competitive environment.

Togetherness - Swimming is a sport and activity that parents can take part in too, so it’s a great, non-threatening activity where children can feel comfortable.