Interaction During Lessons

For the safety of all involved, we limit our deck area to swimmers and IBPS personnel only. Occasionally, we may request parental assistance with a child.

If you notice your child needing assistance (to find their way to the restroom during a lesson) please help the swimmer leave and re-enter the pool deck and sit by their number.

If you need to talk to a teacher about your child’s lessons, please wait until the last few minutes of class (playtime) to avoid distracting other children during your child’s instructional time. At times, conversation with the teacher may not be possible and you are welcome to speak with the deck monitor or front desk. We will leave a message for the instructor to call you at their earliest convenience.

Instructor Requests

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to honor requests for specific instructors. IBPS reserves the right to change instructors and/or reassign an instructor to a different class at anytime.

We fully understand the importance of consistency when teaching children this important life-saving skill. However, there are times when our instructors will be out due to illness, unforeseen emergencies and scheduled vacation. During that time, a substitute instructor will teach the lessons. The substitute instructor is provided notes on your child’s particular class and should be able to conduct the lesson in the same manner as the regular instructor. Please be assured that all of our instructors receive the same rigorous training and monthly in-service to provide your student with the best lessons possible.

Questions or concerns about swim lessons?

We highly encourage any communication that might assist us with your student in achieving the best possible lesson experience. Often this will need to be directed to either the Deck Monitor or Customer Service Staff at the front desk to effectively answer your question or accomplish your request.

If you have any concerns about your child’s class or the instruction being received during that class, please see the front desk immediately.

What can I expect from swim lessons?

Knowledge of water safety is our # 1 priority in swim lessons. In addition, we will do our best to teach each child basic swim strokes, good breathing techniques and necessary endurance to promote safe water activities. Just like many other skills young people learn, the best results will come with a consistent program over a few years. A weekly lesson throughout the year with interval breaks will yield better results than pushing to learn everything during the summer months, with no continued exposure to swimming for the next 8-10 months. There are many motor skills to be mastered and used simultaneously in swimming. Each child will learn at their own pace...and will do best when they are having fun. Swimming should be an enjoyable and safe activity for a lifetime. To create solid mastery requires an investment of lessons over several years.

What if my child cries or is afraid?

Our teachers are trained to deal with even the most fearful swimmer. We have many toys, songs, and games especially created for fearful swimmers. If you need help getting your child into the pool, ask our staff for assistance; we will gladly get your child in the water and swimming happily in no time!

Special consideration is given to toddlers 2 – 3 years of age. Transitions are usually more difficult for them. At this age everything in their life is changing and can become very stressful. IBPS also offers a ‘Parent Tot’ class; a developmental approach to helping 3-20 months old cope with learning the new skill of swimming. Having the comfort of a parent involved in lessons with them eases their anxiety, promotes a positive learning experience, and boosts confidence to move on to the next level. Children who begin swimming at the age of 3 months develop a firm foundation in water safety and understand water at a much younger age.

Why 9 lessons?

After 15 years of teaching swimming lessons year round, IBPS has found that most swimmers show skill improvement after about 9 lessons. In the past we have offered shorter and longer sessions, but we feel like the most skill improvement is seen with a minimum of 9 lessons. We also noticed that the swimming skills were more easily remembered and enjoyed by the students.

Additional reasons for 9 lessons:

Developing love and respect for the water takes time.
Allows time to build a strong and lasting swimming foundation.
Gives enough time to build proper mechanics and muscle memory.
Consistent teaching helps the student learn; all the teachers teach the same skills in each level.
Swimming is not natural for humans, so it takes time to develop confidence, breath control, safety, posture, balance, and efficiency

What is the class ratio?

IBPS swim classes can be no larger than 4 students for every teacher. Statistically, the average swim class size at IBPS is 3.2 students per instructor. Baby amazing classes have 7 students for each teacher because parents are in the pool with their child. Big Kids Swim has only three students for each teacher to assist more actively in student transition onto classes without the parent. Big Kids Swim classes require the parent to be on the pool deck until the student is ready to be on their own.

What do parents do durning a typical swim lesson?

Check in at the front desk for registration and paperwork.
Encourage your child to use the toilet before lessons.
Using a changing room, get your child changed into a swim suit and/or swim pants.

Wait in the observation room during lessons. Please do not leave the facility during lessons.
Wrap your child up with his/her towel.
Use a changing room to allow your child to change back into clothes.

What are swim diapers and why does my child have to wear them?

In an effort to protect all swimmers from Water Born Illnesses (WBI) the Health Department requires that children ages 4 years and younger wear reusable swim diapers. Wearing a NON-Disposable diaper with tight elastic around the waist and legs will contain a solid accident in the swimming pool and protect everyone from WBI.

Are your pools heated?

Yes, our pools are kept at 92 degrees. Because of the liquid medium, a pool feels about 20 degrees cooler than air temperature to a child. A 92 degree pool is like 70 degree air. The focus should be on learning not on shivering and blue lips.

What is the registration fee for?

The registration fee helps with the cost of administrative expenses. We also pay for liability insurance on each student with this annual registration fee.

What type of training/certifications do your instructors have?

IBPS instructors participate in a rigorous Teacher Training Time including classroom training and in-water training. If the teacher trainee passes a final exam and the physical demands of this Teacher Training Time, they are invited to train for 60 more hours beside one of our veteran teachers in swim classes in the water.

Additionally, every IBPS instructor is certified in CPR and First Aid.

Teachers of the Baby Amazing Programs undergo 12 more hours of classroom and in-water training to qualify as Baby Amazing teachers or IBPS coaches.

How long is each class?

All classes are 30 minutes long. Although it's possible to keep students in the water longer, experience has taught us that 30 minutes is about the longest you can expect a student to be challenged with new swim skills in the water.

How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?

ALL children in lessons learn to swim eventually; just as all children learn to walk, some a little sooner, some a little later, but all do. Enjoy the process, enjoy the child’s achievements. A new arena of play and life is opening up for them and the whole family to enjoy. Most of our families stay with us until their child is a fluid swimmer.

If you have any questions about the skills being taught in your child’s class please take advantage of the 10 minutes after each lesson specifically built to discuss your child’s progress .

What do you do to make sure the water is clean and safe?

IBPS takes pride in the cleanliness of our water. Our water is tested a minimum of 4 times each day to ensure proper chemical levels. In the event of a child illness in the pool, for the safety of our swimmers, we must cancel all lesson and chemically treat our water. This is required by the Illinois Health Department.

Who will be in my child's class?

The fellow students in your child's class will have been selected on the basis of their similar ability in the water and age bracket. Occasionally we will move a child to another class that is better suited for him/her.

If my child is ready to be promoted, can they move up at anytime?

Yes. IBPS students can move up levels at any time after the student reaches the required skills. Students must be able to consistently perform all skills in their current level before moving on to the next level.

Does IBPS teach back float drown-proofing to babies?

IBPS does not use back float drown-proofing to teach babies survival in the water. Although we agree that there is a real and present danger of drowning for toddlers in the State of Illinois, we disagree philosophically with this survival method of teaching.

IBPS successfully teaches babies and toddlers to swim using multiple “self-help” strategies and other skills to become safer in the water. Our safety techniques have resulted in hundreds of our students recovering from accidental falls into pools by saving themselves. We have devoted our lives to developing effective young swimmers by using nurturing and effective teaching techniques.

We invite all families to visit their nearest IBPS facility to observe babies jumping into the water and swimming back to the wall while smiling and laughing.

When will my child be "Drown-proofed?"

IBPS believes that there is no way to be “Drown-Proofed”. However, we do believe drowning is preventable. We teach all of our students how to love and respect the water. Water safety is our top priority and we teach all students safety rules like Never Swim Alone. In fact, no one should ever swim alone!

Why are IBPS prices higher?

IBPS is one of the premiere swim schools in the nation. We have a very high success rate and we promise you the highest return on your investment in the BEST swim lessons in town! Other swim programs may be less expensive, but they require longer enrollment before you see your child improve. In the long run, you will spend less money on swim lessons by enrolling with IBPS.

Because teaching swimming is our passion, everything we do is first-class and costly. From training every instructor for 60 plus hours and heating our pools to 92 degrees; you'll see the value of your tuition immediately.

Teaching swimming is all we do...and we're the BEST in town!

Does IBPS give refunds?

IBPS does not give refunds, however if you are unsatisfied with the swim lesson on your student’s experience we encourage you to speak to the instructor that day.

In cases of medical emergencies, IBPS will give credit for future swim lessons.

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