pre-school age swim lessons mascot

Pre-School Level 1:
Water adaptation
Get in/out of pool by self
Adjustment to coach
Become more comfortable with less anxiety
Attempt to blow bubbles
Attempt to back-float

Pre-School Level 2:
Go underwater by self
Master bubbles in water
Hold breath and blow out – 10 seconds
Hold breath with assisted prone float
Independent back float – 10 seconds
Wall adaptation
Fully comfortable with less anxiety

Pre-School Level 3:
Front ready position
Back ready position
Attempt front glide
Attempt back glide
Independent front glide – 5 seconds
Independent back glide – 5 seconds

Pre-School Level 4:
Kick with front glide – 15 feet
Kick with back glide – 15 feet
Begin dolphin kick

Pre-School Level 5:
Master side-glide-kick with no equipment
Timing with breathing
Front crawl – 25 yards
Freestyle – 25 yards
Backstroke – 25 yards