Iddy Biddy Pool School owner

Iddy Biddy Pool School was founded in 2001 when it transitioned from a competitive swim program to a learn-to-swim program. The philosophy had a format that focused on teaching swim lessons to infant, preschool, and special needs swimmers.

Jeremy Stine has a long history with aquatics from his first swim lessons as an infant to his first job at the age of 15 teaching for his local high school. He instantly fell in love with the water and opportunity to teach others. After working for various swim programs part-time he was excited to take his first full time position in 1998. After experiences of teaching in cold water and over booked classes, Jeremy had a vision of creating a swim school focused on delivering quality swim lessons in an optimal learning environment. Over time he developed the Iddy Biddy Pool School method which included swim lessons in warm water, certified teachers, and small class sizes.

Coach Jeremy has accrued over 30,000 hours in the water perfecting these methods. He has become a specialist in the area of teaching infants under the age of 1. Coach Jeremy has assembled a staff of teachers that reflect his passion and dedication, and this is what makes Iddy Biddy Pool School the best swim school for your child.