Swim Lessons

Iddy Biddy Pool School is a learn-to-swim school offering lessons that teach swim techniques and water safety to infants through adults.

We offer the most effective method and well managed programs taught by certified teachers. Our progression method was developed by national swim organizations as well as infant and special needs specialists. These specifically designed programs ensure sustained learning in a safe, friendly, and fun environment.

Our terms includes 30 minute classes for 9 weeks. The class is a four-to-one student teacher ratio. After each lesson we look forward to discussing that week’s progress with you and your child. We strive to make the parent feel involved and enjoy the lesson as much as their child did.

After experiences of teaching in cold water and over booked classes, Jeremy had a vision of creating a swim school focused on delivering quality swim lessons in an optimal learning environment. Over time he developed the Iddy Biddy Pool School method which includes swim lessons in 92 degree water, certified teachers, and small class sizes. Starting your child young is so important to IBPS that we offer FREE infant swim lessons, 3-8months, and FREE Pre-natal lessons.