Baby Amazing

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In Due Time is a free of charge, 30 minute prenatal aquatic program that is designed to benefit mother, father, and baby-to-be. We teach natural ways to increase a mother's efficiency during delivery through breathing and specific water movements. Knowing that anxiety can greatly increase pain, we work to ease anxiety about both labor and delivery. Our educational approach is to reinforce a mother's natural ability to be confident in delivering her new born child.

Our hands on water program can be started as soon as a mother receives the good news that she is expecting through birth, followed by in home baby bathing relaxation techniques, and infant swimming lessons beginning at 3 months of age.


Return To Water (3-8 months)

Return to Water is a class for you and your newborn. In this class you will learn how to hold and submerge your infant as well as how to respond to their earliest reflexes to water. There are many of these reflexes that leaves by 4-5 months so we give you and your child the time necessary to get comfortable with being in the water.

Diaper Divers (8-20 months)

Diaper Divers is also a parent-tot swim class. Our goals for this class are a little higher. Now that they have adapted to the water we work more on structure and respect for the water. We will include a lot of fun and submerges.

Big Kids Swim (20+ months / Diaper Divers is pre-requisite)

Big Kids Swim is a big step. With your baby now in a class with two other children we take the parent out to work on new goals like separation anxiety and structure in a class atmosphere. This is the final class in the Baby Amazing program soon to enter into the Pre-School Level program.