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Training for Success

My training period has been very eye opening! As a mom I have watched my 3 kiddos go to swim lessons at IBPS for over 10 years. I have seen the coaches helping my kids, stickers and high fives given, the front desk answering questions & the fun had in the warm pool. As my training progresses; I learn there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than we know as parents.

For starters, the care of the facility is a daily to do for the staff. The balance of chemicals in the pool is checked multiple times during the day to ensure water quality. The cleanliness of the facility is handled before and after classes by the staff.

The next thing I was impressed to learn about was staff meetings. The staff meet weekly to discuss education, students progress and overall IBPS business. Every meeting I attend I learn, laugh and enjoy my job a little bit more.

Another item I was glad to be a part of was training and testing. Coaches are required to complete 40-60 hours of training in the pool and take tests on their journey to becoming an IBPS coach. There is an investment made into each coach to assist them to become the best they can for the students.

I have always felt I made a great choice for my kids to swim at IBPS. After my behind the scenes look; I feel even stronger in my families choice for our kiddos.

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